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Other Health Concerns


The following link will take you to a site that lists the known congenital and heritable disorders in different breeds.  First you scroll down to the breed you are interested in.  Jot down each of the numbers that follows that breed.  Then scroll down to the bottom of the list.  Look up each number to see what congenital or heritable disorder it signifies.

Click on Congental or Heritable Disorders in Dogs

Then click on *Guide to Congenital and Heritable Disorders in Dogs*



There is no test for epilepsy.  Cavaliers who are symptomatic for epilepsy--i.e. have seizures, should not be bred.  For more on epilepsy please see the following site:

This site also has a page on fly-biting or fly catcher's syndrome as well as a small video depicting a dog fly-biting.  Click on Canine Epilepsy Basics.  Scroll down that page to Complex Focal Seizures to find a link to this page.  Fly-catchers is thought of as a possible type of seizure or some specialists think it may be a type of OCD--obsessive compulsive disorder.  However there is thought that some types of OCD may also be some type of strange seizure disorder.  Since both are neurological in nature, both thoughts could be correct.



Some Cavalier lines are prone to early onset deafness--either partial or total.  There is a test for this that is slowly becoming more available, but at the moment is not readily available.  Cavaliers who have developed early onset deafness should not be bred.



Cavaliers can be affected by back problems, i.e ruptured disks, the same way a human can.  Cavaliers who develop this problem early should not be bred.  For more on disk disease please see the following site:

Back Problems
Then click on Canine Degenerative Disk Disease

This site is also loaded with all kinds of other information.



Autoimmune disorders are many.  Allergies, cancer, myasenthia gravis, demodectic mange and lupus are all autoimmune disorders.  Cavaliers who develop any type of autoimmune disorder, should not be bred.  For more on autoimmune disorders, please see the following sites: